Colorful Vintage Shop

                                                                When we were down south recently we
                                                                stopped in at Through the Years Vintage
                                                                Market in Tavares Fl. not far from Mt Dora.
                                                                If you are in the area I think you would enjoy
                                                                checking it out.

                                                                 They have a large selection of colorful
                                                                 vintage as well as some antiques.
                                                                 Lots to see....did you notice the
                                                                 painted wood floor?
                                                                 There is lots to see upstairs as well.

   Tea anyone?

       This is not in the shop but my display of
        black and white in our own old cupboard.
            At Christmas I had silver and mercury glass
                    mixed in but when I removed it I added the white

   Thank you for stopping by!

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Colorful Vintage Shop
Colorful Vintage Shop
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