One Foggy Day

                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                       It was a beautiful foggy morning here
                                                       a couple of days ago so I grabbed my
                                                        camera and went for a walk around
 the pond and garden.
                                           It was a calm and beautiful morning so
                                          our little Boathouse reflected nicely in the pond.
                                  As some of you know the boathouse was built by
                                   my husband and son a few years ago and it is a
                                    favorite spot to relax or have a sleepover.

                                                 Do you have time for a boat ride
                                                 around the pond?
                                                     Early morning light

  We have tours this weekend and 
a special event as well so I am 
        hoping our nice weather continues.

 I am making some changes to
          my blog .. please, excuse it for now.

                 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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One Foggy Day
One Foggy Day
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