Fireplace Makeover

Hi everyone,

Well,as many of you know we have been doing some projects in our home and we are almost done of them so I am sharing the makeover that we gave our fireplace. Oh, and while you are here I want to show you our new chair that I was so happy to get. I have been seeing these in some magazines and didn't think I would find one here but my daughter was out shopping and spotted it for me and then called to tell me a couple of days later that it was on sale so that got me moving! I am loving some of these French style magazines and blogs lately.

Now,back to the fireplace first we primed it and then gave it a couple of coats of paint (Victoriana) then we had the carpenter build the mantle out and add a 'box' at the top with three turned posts .Our fireplace has a bit of a corner to it making it a little harder to decorate but I think this works well.

You can see the box at the top with the new crown molding.I also bought a new mirror for over the fireplace.

For once,I kept it simple on the mantle with just a few things-toile plate

a matching bowl

a cherub and some china plates

Before- now it didn't really look this bad but here it is with the wallpaper removed and renovation in progress. Don't worry the mantle was never decorated like this -I just moved things out of the way .Anyway,before pics are supposed to be ugly right. I couldn't find a pic with the way it was before we started.

This is a wood burning fireplace and I lit a fire just for you! Why don't you sit for awhile and enjoy this lovely book Waterside Cottages and have a cup of tea. I will throw another log on the fire.

Now,I can't let you go without sharing a few photos of what is blooming in our garden now.
I am joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home again where there is always lots of beauty to see-go and have a look if you haven't already.

I hope you all have a very good weekend

Thank you for visiting,

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Fireplace Makeover
Fireplace Makeover
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