Garden Delights!

Hello everyone,
Thank you to all of you who left kind words yesterday and to all of you who came to visit. As always it is nice to go away for a holiday but nice to be back home again.After some visiting with children and grandchildren we got back to doing some painting but I am hopeful the carpenter will be back today and finish by the weekend. It will be nice to finish up because the garden is calling me!
The photos above are some early spring beauty from our own garden. It is so exciting to be able to pick a bouquet from the garden once again. The striped scilla and pink hellebore's are blooming as well as hyacinths and the daffodils are all coming into bloom.
There were so many beautiful flowering shrubs and trees as well as some perennials blooming in the south. I love the statue of the woman in the center photo but there were so many lovely statues- another collage!
I am having fun making some collages with the photos I took in Charleston.
I thought this would be a good way to share some of the beautiful garden gates in Charleston. If you like you can click on the photos to enlarge them for a better view. I am envious of all the old brick walls and beautiful hand crafted iron gates and fences. I had to stop and peek through the garden gates of nearly every home. Yep! I am a lot of fun to walk with but soaking in the beauty was more fun then exercise.
Thank you again for visiting me and I hope you have a wonderful day!


p.s. I should also mention that the quality of the pics are not as good because I had to squeeze as many as I could on my memory card. You know me more is more!
Also you can enlarge by holding the ctrl botton and scrolling the mouse button away from you which is faster.
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Garden Delights!
Garden Delights!
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