Early Spring Garden

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We spent the day working in the garden-it was so lovely to be out in the sunshine and see the promise of so many good things to come, I took my camera out to snap a few shots of what is blooming in our garden now.

There are lots of daffodils in bloom in various sizes and colors.

The peonies are really shooting up now. We have over 100 peonies so there will be lots of bouquets coming along in June and early July.We are a couple of weeks earlier this year then last.

The hyacinths are blooming and sending up their lovely fragrance.

A double bloodroot

striped scilla or puschkinia- aren't they pretty?

This heuchera marmalade

another heuchera -I thought it was lime rickey but it looks a little different then I remembered. They do have dainty flowers later on but it is hard to beat the lovely colored foliage of these tough little plants.

a honeysuckle vine is leafing out

ice follies daffodils

The lilacs are covered with lots of buds-it has been frosty at night lately so I am a little concerned that the flower buds on some early trees and shrubs will get frosted but hopefully not!

We have over 40 lilacs in our garden all different varieties so it should be quite a show when they bloom.

more hyacinths

blue scilla are spreading around the garden.

That is a peek at what is blooming in our zone 5b garden here on Prince Edward Island ,Canada.Well,I am off to soak my weary bones in a nice hot tub-the first full garden day will ensure a good nights sleep with dreams of good things to come!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
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Early Spring Garden
Early Spring Garden
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