A Spring Tea

I hope you will join me for a cup of tea on this nice spring day. It is overcast but everything is getting so green. I am really looking forward to having tea in the garden but it is a little to early here yet. Well, maybe not to enjoy a cup of tea but a little early for the garden to be filled in enough to make for a great picture!

So,it is a spring tea up in our little sunroom today.

I made some cupcakes for us-not the prettiest ones I have ever seen but I will work on improving that next time! They are tasty though so go ahead and try one.

I love this teapot that I got on our trip to Maine last year.

I found a few of these lacy napkins at a thrift store recently-they are so delicate.

Let's sit and linger for a bit as we have been busy lately and this is my first spring tea for awhile-not that I haven't had lots of cups of tea just not pretty ones!

Today,I am joining in again with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage Inspirations for Teatime Tuesday .

I hope you will have time to visit Sandi and check out other lovely teas over there.

Thank you for joining me for tea,


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A Spring Tea
A Spring Tea
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