Transferware and a Giveaway!




                                             I hope you are enjoying a beautiful sunny week as
                                     we are here.
                                       Today I am featuring some of my transferware
                                        collection . As many of you know I can't seem
                                       to resist it in any color.



                                     Family room china cupboard displays my
                                    brown and white collection.

                                Red and white has been my main collection and is
                               always on display in the dining area of our kitchen.

                          These are on display in our library now.


                                                  I love to use them in tablescapes.

                                 A collection of brown and white in our family room.

                          Some of my collection is very old and others are new.

                                                 Soft and pretty.                                    
                                                 Black and white transferware.

                                               My black and white transferware at Christmas.

                     Now for the good news Nancy at Nancy's Daily Dish has kindly offered a $50.
                     gift card to be used in her online shop where she has the most amazing
                    collection of beautiful transferware I have ever seen. Nancy also has a beautiful
                     online jewelry shop for you to check out.
                       Wait there is more.......if you would like to purchase anything from her
                      online shop just use the code AIKENHOUSE and you will get a 15%
                           Also, Nancy has a beautiful blog where you can see how she artfully
                          displays her transferware as in the photo above taken in her bedroom.
                          I love that collection over her bed!
                                             This is part of Nancy's garage!    

                                   To enter for the giveaway just leave a comment and I will do
                                   a random draw. The giveaway closes Monday at 5 p.m. and
                                  I will announce the winner on Tuesday. Good luck!
                                                                          Displaying advert-1.jpg

                                                                                            Nancy's Daily Dish ......check it out!

                                    Sorry for the strange way the photos went on today ~ something to do
                                   with copy and paste that I can't center them.

                                                                                 Thank you for visiting,


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Transferware and a Giveaway!
Transferware and a Giveaway!
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