The Charming Cottages of Oak Bluffs

                                                                                 Hello everyone,
                                             I hope your week is going well. We have been enjoying a little
                                              touch of  more springlike weather to welcome in the month of
                                              May making it  nice to get some garden chores done.Soon,we
                                             will have masses of daffodils blooming!
                                                  I was going to share photos of Beaufort from our recent
                                              trip down south but I found these pictures from a trip back
                                             in 2005 to Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard ~Massachusetts.
                                                           I know I shared some of these photos at
                                                           that time but I think only my husband
                                                          read my blog back then and the early
                                                          photos accidentally were deleted from
                                                          my blog. So,I thought you might
                                                          enjoy seeing these charming little

                                                             As you can see, they are all unique and
                                                             have lots of gingerbread trim and gothic
                                                             style windows and doors on many of them.
                                                          Lots of bright summer colors.

                               These little storybook cottages were part of a Methodist
                                          church camp originally and are almost always  passed
                                          down from generation to generation.
                                               Just looking at these little beauties makes me
                                               want to go back someday.
                                          Oak Bluffs is just a tiny part of Martha's
                                         Vineyard and it is all beautiful!

                                                                    Happy May Day!


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The Charming Cottages of Oak Bluffs
The Charming Cottages of Oak Bluffs
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