Spring Color Inside and Out

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                                            With the warmer temperatures things are finally
                                            starting to move ahead in our garden.
                                             Last week the daffodils/narcissus were
                                            just starting to bloom and this week we have
                                           hundreds of them. Some of my tulips are
                                           starting to bloom as well.
                                                           A little spring display indoors.

                                                          I love this display from last spring.

                                                              Spring color in the kitchen.

                                                I took these shots in our garden today.

                                                       I just noticed today some of my
                                                       early peonies have buds on them!

                            I have been busy pruning rosebushes,hydrangea ,clematis etc.
                                      and loving every minute of it.......well maybe not when I get
                                      stabbed by those rose thorns,but still worth it!

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                                                                                                Thanks for visiting,
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Spring Color Inside and Out
Spring Color Inside and Out
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