Good morning!
                                    I woke up this morning to a late white frost
                                    so there was a heavy mist coming off the pond.
                                   There were a couple of Canada Geese enjoying
                                   the pond but as I stepped out unto the upper
                                  deck something must have scared them off.
                                  I got a quick shot off them in flight.
                                As I took a stroll down to the pond I saw the blackbird
                                going to feed her babies in the birdhouse Andrew built.
                                             As I walked around the pond I scared off
                                            this duck.                                                      
A little further around the pond and I scared
the mama duck from her nest. I am hoping to 
be watching little ones like these from last
year playing in the pond.
The fog is lifting as the sun rises.

                                        The serviceberries are in bloom now.
                                             Inside the boathouse looking out.

                                                  The boathouse reflection.

                                      The trees are leafing out now so it
                                      is a pretty time to enjoy a drive
                                     through the countryside.
                                   Hope you enjoyed a stroll around the pond
                                              with me on this beautiful sunny day.

                                            Finally, warm sunny days are predicted
                                            for the next several days.

                                                               Enjoy your day!

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