First Touch of Winter


                                                                         Happy weekend!

                                                   We had our first snowfall of the season
                                                    yesterday and it has lingered long enough
                                                    to take a few shots outdoors.
                                                                   Winter berries are always pretty,
                                                                   no matter what container you use.
                                                                    This charming old rusty hand
                                                                    forged gate was one of my treasures
                                                                    from the 70 mile yardsale.
                                                                       We put it in behind our boathouse.~
                                                                    it must have been made for me because
                                                                    it has my initial on it.


Now for any of you on the Island I want
to let you know about an Open House at
my friend Cheryl's on Mac Rae Dr. in East
Royalty ~info above.
Cheryl has a beautiful home and she has
been loving decorating it for the season
and this worthy cause ~so stop in for a tour
and a little visit.
I am really looking forward to it ....
Cheryl is a wonderful hostess.

Just a little peek into Cheryl's dining room
in the summer ~ can't wait to see it at Christmas!

Cheryl uses a mix of family
antiques and new ~ love
her style!

                                                      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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First Touch of Winter
First Touch of Winter
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