Pretty Little Things

             Hello everyone,

              We enjoyed a mild day here and it was nice to
             have some melting snow and a feel of spring
in the air.

         Our painter finished up today so tomorrow
    we can put the rooms back together ~ a 
good feeling!

                     So, just a few random pretty
         things to share today

                                                                      Love a little stash of pretty dishes.
                                                                      Toile and transferware.

                      Love teacups with roses and pearls.


A basket full of roses.

                                                                     A small bouquet of peonies.
          A pretty pitcher with a bouquet
of viburnum  snowballs

                                                                        Pretty tulips
                                                 A small vintage teapot with garden roses.

                                                              Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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Pretty Little Things
Pretty Little Things
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