Spring Color in the Garden

            Hello everyone,

              I hope your week is going well. I
                 have been spending as much time as
                   possible out in the garden these lovely
spring days.

                                                               The garden is rapidly springing to
                                                               life now and everyday brings more color.
                                                                    Daffodils are the main show though
                                                                    as I have planted hundreds of bulbs
                                                                   and they have multiplied nicely.
                                                                      I love all the varieties.

       Pulsatilla vulgaris or pasque flower

                                                                  Tulips and daffodils

   Fritillaria ~ Snake's Head

              I am looking forward to the lilacs
             blooming and they are covered in
              buds this year so it won't be long!

                                                      Just a quick look at what is blooming in the
                                                                garden now.
                                                                The trees are leafing out and the grass is lush
                                                                and green....such a pretty time of the year and
                                                                especially welcome after such a long winter!

                                                                           Thank you for your visit!

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Spring Color in the Garden
Spring Color in the Garden
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