Soft and Pretty Tea Time

     Hello everyone,

I hope you have time to join me for a
relaxing afternoon tea today.

                                                               One of my favorite teapots is
                                                               already for our tea.

                                                              And of course we want to enjoy
                                                              our tea in a pretty teacup with a
                                                              beautiful bouquet of lilacs.Lilac
                                                              season is just starting here.
                                                              Dainty tea sandwiches are already.
                                                                    Pick your favorite teacup.

                                                                      Peony season is not here yet
                                                                      this year but very soon!

                                  Help yourself to some homemade scones.

                      Let's have a seat in the garden,shall we?
                       These vintage wicker chairs are so comfy!

                       Maybe you would like a bouquet
          to take home with you?

                 I am joining Mosaic Monday at
       Lavender Cottage today.

         Thank you for visiting!

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Soft and Pretty Tea Time
Soft and Pretty Tea Time
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