Pink Bliss

                                                                               Hello everyone,

                                                                 I hope your week is going well.
                                                                 I am enjoying all the beautiful
                                                                 sunshine and an abundance of
                                                                 peonies in our garden.

             Tea is in the sunroom today as we
            can enjoy pretty china,linens and
               of course a big bouquet of peonies.

      Soft and sweet

   The tea is poured.

I didn't take a longer
view shot so I included
this one taken a couple
of weeks ago when the 
lilacs were blooming ...
another favorite flower
of mine.


       My peonies will soon be past
         but I will enjoy photos of them
 in the long winter months.

I am joining BNOTP for
Tablescape Thursday.

Enjoy your day!

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Pink Bliss
Pink Bliss
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