Garden Shots

We have had rain here the last couple of days so the garden was glad for a nice drink. I did take these photos between showers so I will take you on a tour today.
I love lupins and they do grow wild here-so you will find them in ditches in many places or even a whole field here and there but they are well behaved in our garden. That is a spirea(Torr-I believe) and a midnight wine weigela beside the lupins.

This is the magnificum geranium(my favorite). I bought a few clumps at a yardsale several years ago and I have divided them so that they are sprinkled all around the garden. they look so nice with peonies and lady's mantle.
I love the color of this poppy and it has pretty crinkled edges. Sorry I forget the name. June at Laughing with Angels has pretty poppies in her lovely garden you should visit if you haven't already.
This dames rocket has a lovely fragrance but it reseeds readily. I love to see it growing in the wild mixed in with the lupins.
Our dogwood tree-the fancier ones are not hardy enough for our garden.
Love this iris from my mother-in laws garden.
Mary rose with magnificum gernanium.
This is Therese Bugnet growing in several places in our garden because it is hardy and puts out nice little suckers to transplant.
The is the Agnes rose one of the first to bloom and also very hardy.
My midseason peonies are just starting to bloom. I love peonies and have over 100 plants and about 40 different varieties.
These Korean standard lilacs are a much loved birthday gift!
That is a later blooming Prestion lilac behind the weiglea. I love being albe to stretch the lilac season and the fragrance is incredible.

This is another Prestion lilac=again I forget the name so I should do some research.

I will show the rest of the garden later in the week -I am having a morning out with a good friend!

Take care,
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Garden Shots
Garden Shots
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