This is where I Keep it All !

Hello everyone,
Can you believe it is June already! I think June is my favorite month here on Prince Edward Island - everything is so lush and green. It is also the time when many of my favorite flowers bloom lilacs,peonies etc. but yet you know all of summer stretches out before you!
However, getting to the point of this post-I am joining in with The Tablescaper for Where do you keep it all?
So, I am showing you where most of mine is kept. In the dining area of our kitchen we have cupboards with glass doors(open for photo) where I keep my red and white transferware.
This little cupboard is not fancy but it does hold many of my teacups as you can see below.It is also in the kitchen.
The cupboard in the sun room that I showed you a couple of weeks ago hold my dainty pink and white china.
Of course, there is more china in the corner cabinets of the kitchen as well as in the cupboards.
Tho corner cabinet-I forgot to take a photo of the other one.
In the porch I have this little cupboard with my blue and white china.
In the hallway more china.
Another little corner in the kitchen holds my green and white china.
Yep! you guessed it the corner cabinet holds more china.
I opened the top door to show you.
Some of my china is on display on shelves etc. all around the house.
My brown and white tranferware displayed in our family room
Some is displayed on walls
or countertops
or table tops
or on trays
plates above windows
A better view of the built in cupboards in the kitchen. Well,that is pretty much it for me but if you go to The Tablescapers to see her amazing stash of lovely china and all the others who have joined in for this great event.
Thank you for visiting,

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This is where I Keep it All !
This is where I Keep it All !
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