Red & White Vintage Laundry Day

                                                                Good Morning!
                        It is laundry day here and I am sharing some vintage style today.
                  I love the vintage red and white quilt on the line with the old vintage red chair
                  and red wire basket ~ alas,they are not mine but a friends who knows how I
                  love props-thank you,Sharon!I promise I will give them back before I wear them
                          The toile quilts are not vintage but have a vintage look....and they are mine.
I love how some of the roses put on a bit of a second show and
it is a treat to pick them for a small bouquet for the house.
This is a David Austen English Rose but I have forgotten the name.

                                  These roses are blooming beside the clothesline and are the hardy
                           red grootendorst.
                                    I couldn't resist adding the pretty red lantern.

               Hope you have as much fun doing laundry as I do!

                     Thank you for your visit and hope you have a great weekend.
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Red & White Vintage Laundry Day
Red & White Vintage Laundry Day
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