A Bit of Yellow

                                                                            Hello everyone,
                                                  Yesterday, when I was touring around the
                                                  garden ,I found a few yellow lupines blooming in
                                                  the back of one of the beds so I picked them for
                                                  my little bouquet. These were new seedlings so
                                                 they put on a late show this year.

                                                      Did you notice that the double yellow hollyhocks
                                                      are still blooming too?

                                                       Yellow lupines seem to be a bit uncommon in the wild here.
                                                       so I plant them from seeds or pick up seedlings when I find them.

   Love this!

                                   I enjoyed some time with my camera
                                             yesterday before my husband tore me away
                                         to go for lunch in the charming town of 

                                                Today, I enjoyed a day out with
                                                          a friend and tomorrow it is a
                                                         day out with another friend.....
                                                         I am loving have a few lazy days
                                                         before summer ends.

                                                           Hope you have a lovely long weekend!

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A Bit of Yellow
A Bit of Yellow
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