Mellow Yellows

                   Hello everyone,
               It is still hot and sunny here and I am
                  hoping for some rain soon but hopefully
                not on Saturday ~ my Garden Tea day.

                                                                          Last year I bought a few seedlings
                                                                           of double hollyhocks and this year
                                                                           they are blooming.
                                                                        I am in love with this mellow yellow one.

                                                                    They are planted by the conservatory
                                                                    in the boathouse, so we can enjoy
                                                                    them inside and out.

                                              Yellow roses,dahlias and hollyhocks.

                         Linger and enjoy a cup of tea
                             from one of my yellow teacups.

                         I have been working on getting
                        ready for the tea party and will
                    share photos with you later.

                          Have a lovely day!
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Mellow Yellows
Mellow Yellows
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