A Tea Break

It is such a beautiful sunny day here.We did get several inches of snow overnight and schools are cancelled but the snow has stopped and the sun is shining . My house is tore apart here as we are doing a lot of painting but I am looking forward to the end result.

So in the middle of this I stopped for a little tea break.

I found this set of dishes at Coulson's a few years ago. I think it is so pretty.

I made an orange pumpkin loaf for our tea.

It is nice to have a tea break but my work is calling-I do have an extra paint brush if you are so inclined.

This is what our little part of the world looks like today. Do you see the bluejay who posed for me on the top of the birdhouse.

The bluejays look so pretty against the snow.

You can see we did get some snow lately. Today, Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage Inspirations is hosting a tea. Sandi,is a fellow Islander and we used to play house together when we were children so you can see we both still enjoy our tea parties!So,pop over and say hi to Sandi (Click on Sandi) and join her for tea as well.

Take care,


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A Tea Break
A Tea Break
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