Show and Tell Friday

Hello everyone,

I am running a little behind these days but I wanted to share a couple of things with you today.

The first is this beautiful bouquet that was half price at the grocery store- a little overstocked for Valentine's day .

Isn't it beautiful?

and this photo arrived in the mail this afternoon. It is a photo that my good friend Heather took of me last summer on an afternoon at the beach.

The photo is printed on canvas and it is about 16 by 20 inches. We were really pleased with the quality and the speedy delivery too. It was ordered from Photo -Canvas.

If you would like to see more photos taken that lovely beach day click here.

I am joining in with Cindy again at My Romantic Home and there is lots for you to enjoy there!

We have finished stripping all 21 double rolls of wallpaper so now the fun stuff can begin-if that is what you call painting etc.

I hope you all enjoy a joyful weekend.

Thank you for visiting,


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Show and Tell Friday
Show and Tell Friday
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