Winter White

Hello and welcome,
Oh! it is a cold day today at minus 18 Celsius and a wind chill of minus 30. It is good to be warm and cozy indoors! I hope you will enjoy some winter whites in our little sunroom.
This week at the grocery store I bought some white tulips-they have so many pretty colors it is hard to pick just one.
I love the fragrance of these hyacinths although my husband is not a fan.
You can see by the frost on the windows that it gets cold in here at night-it is heated only by the sun. It is amazing though how the sun warms it up even in January.This little sunroom is upstairs of our bedroom and bath.It faces east and south so it has the sun most of the day.
I love this birdhouse.
Another collage of winter whites. I have over 500 collages that I made on my computer and I know I should delete some but I love them!
If you can, come back tomorrow for tea in the sunroom for White Wednesday.
I hope you have a good day and thank you for visiting.
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Winter White
Winter White
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