Country Rose Afternoon Tea

                 It seems no matter what the season I take
                   pleasure in taking a little break with a good
                 cup of tea but there does seem to be  more
                     time to enjoy these tea times in winter by the
                         fire than in the summer when there are so many
things to do in the garden etc.

                                                 I have the table set for us by the fireside and the
                                                 sun is streaming in.
                                                           The china teapot and matching tea cups are
                                                            called Country Rose by Skye Mc Ghie.
                                                            They go nicely with the apricot roses.

                                                                    Help yourself to a cupcake.

                                                             Although I love my roses from the garden better
                                                             I am happy to have these roses to enjoy while
                                                             we wait for the garden roses to bloom.
                                                                    Lovely apricot roses.

                                     Talking about our garden roses makes me want to take
                                                some time soon to go through my favorite garden rose
                                                photos and I can share them with you as well.

                                                       I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for
                                                       Tablescape Thursday today.
                                                             Thank you for joining me for tea!

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Country Rose Afternoon Tea
Country Rose Afternoon Tea
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