The Beauty of the Rose

     I hope your week is going well.

                                                           Today my husband surprised me with a
                                                           beautiful bouquet of apricot roses ~
                                                           such a pretty bouquet just called out to
                                                           be photographed.                      

                                                           Maybe, if he had known how much
                                                          time I would spend playing with them
                                                          he would have left them in the store!

A postcard for you.

                                                           This yardsale teacup has been photographed
                                                           several times since I bought it.

                                                             Still having fun.......

                                 Okay! now it is time to get some work done but
                                           I have to say I do love the beauty of a rose and
                                           a dozen is well....... just a dozen times better!

                                                                           Thank you for visiting,

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The Beauty of the Rose
The Beauty of the Rose
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