Our Winter Garden

Happy Weekend!

We have had some lovely winter days here this year so
when I saw we had a new coat of snow last night I
took a stroll through the garden with my camera.
Above, is our little Gardener's Cottage.

                                                               I love this heart shaped wreath on the old farm gate.

                                                                     The Gardener's Cottage in winter.


                                                           This old rustic birdhouse adds charm to
                                                           boathouse porch.
                                                                  Another rustic birdhouse on an old
                                                                   tree stump.          
                The north end of the barn decked out for Christmas.

                                                                       The Boathouse

                                                                 The arbor that my husband and son built.

                                                                Our winter lamp post.

                                                           The old hammock in the woods.        

I didn't get all the way around the garden before it was
time to go for our morning walk hopefully there will be
time tomorrow but our temperature is taking a big dip
tonight so it might not be as pleasant so photography.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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Our Winter Garden
Our Winter Garden
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