In Loving Memory

                                                 I want to say thank you to all who have
                                                 left kind and caring notes on my blog or
                                                 by email these last couple of weeks.My
                                                 sweet Mama passed away peacefully last
                                                 Thursday at the age of 92 after a long
                                                 struggle with Alzheimer's ~ although I
                                                 will miss her I am happy that her
                                                 struggles are over and she has now passed
                                                 through the gates of Heaven.
                                                   Mom was born in the Netherlands and came
                                                to Canada as a war bride.It was quite an adjustment
                                                as life in the city of Groningen was very different
                                                from a farm in a very small community on Prince
                                                Edward Island. Mom always said that people here were
                                                very good to her teaching her how to bake bread,quilt etc.
                                                   As,time went by Mom grew to love our little Island
                                                 and way of life,raised four children ,became a grandmother
                                                 and a great grandmother ,a friend and good neighbor to many.

                                                    I am happy that both my Mom and Dad were able to
                                                    enjoy trips to the Netherlands and many other places
                                                    after we had grown and before my Dad passed away
                                                    twenty years ago.

                                                    Mom made friends wherever she went and I saw her
                                                 tenderness come through many times even in her later
                                                 years as she reached out a hand to help newcomers to
                                                 the home where she spent her last years.My best memories
                                                 of this time are the many cups of tea we shared together,
                                                 watching her enjoy music  her kindness to others and her sweet
                                                    Although,as many of you know it is painful to watch
                                                  a loved one go through the slow but steady decline of
                                                  Alzheimer's, I am thankful for all the times I did get to
                                                  spend her and for the good memories of my sweet Mama.
                                                     I am happy that when we meet again it will be in a
                                                   much better place.

                                                   Now, if you still have your Mama ..... please go and
                                                   enjoy a good cup of tea and a visit with her!
                                                  Even though it is definitely winter outdoors
                                                  we are enjoying some spring blooms inside.

                                     Thank you again for all your prayers and kind
                                      was a comfort to know that you
                                               were thinking and praying for us.

                                               My sister has been staying with us for the past week
                                               but is due to fly back to Vancouver tonight if weather
                                               permits as another storm is forecast before we have
                                               quite finished digging out from the last one ~ winter
                                               has arrived!

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In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory
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