Spring Changes in our Library

                                                                         Hello everyone,

                                                          Since we were housebound yesterday, I
                                                         decided to do some spring cleaning. It
                                                         was bright and sunny in our library so it
                                                         seemed like a good place to start.
                                                     I removed my Friendly Village china from
                                                     this cabinet and put in my collection of
                                                     Crown Ducal ~ Florentine and some other
                                                     coordinating pieces. It gives a more spring/
                                                     summer look.

                                                         This is Country Rose by Skie Mc Ghie.

                                                              Then, I gave the books and magazines
                                                               a dusting and straitening up.It took a
                                                               little discipline on my part not to sit
                                                               down a few of them!

                                                        If, I was super ambitious I would have
                                                        made some neutral book covers for the
                                                        books but that will never happen.
                                                      An afternoon tea break was my reward.

                                      I am enjoying some touches of spring indoors in
                                                 spite of huge banks of snow outside.


                           Not my photo but it was taken on a road not
                            far from us. We have not had banks of snow
like this in years!

                                                            So, what about you are you doing spring
                                                           cleaning yet?

                                                                    Thank you for visiting!

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Spring Changes in our Library
Spring Changes in our Library
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