My Bedroom Corner


                                                 I hope your week is going well. Isn't it hard
                                                to believe we will soon be into March.I have to
                                                say I am really looking forward to spring but we
                                               do have a lot of snow to melt before there can be
                                              any hint of bulbs peeking through the ground.
                                                 Anyway, I wanted to show you my new white
                                              Ikea chair that my husband surprised me with for
                                             Valentines Day. I love that it has a washable
                                             slipcover on it.

                                          It is in the corner of our bedroom where the chaise
                                          used to be but it is now back in the bay window of
                                         our dining room.In case you were wondering the
                                         walls are painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.
                                          I gave the lamp a little makeover today...painted it
                                          white and put  pom poms on a vintage shade ,
                                                 It is a cosy spot for a cup of tea with the
                                                 fireplace going to warm you up.
                                                                    Tea anyone?

                                                      The beautiful orchid was a gift
                                                      from a thoughtful friend.

                                                   Tomorrow our painter is coming in so
                                                             next week I will show you our porch

                                                              I am joining Between Naps on the Porch
                                                             for Tablescape Thursday.

                                                                        Thank you for visiting!

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My Bedroom Corner
My Bedroom Corner
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