Comfort Food

Hello everyone,

We got some much needed rain yesterday with cooler temperatures and a few showers this morning so it is a good day here for some comfort food. The rhubarb is ready now in our garden so the first thing I make every year with it is rhubarb cobblecake.

After cutting up the rhubarb you cook it on top of the stove with sugar etc. (recipe follows)

This base is then topped with drop biscuit dough.

It is so good!

some whipped cream

and a cup of tea and I am ready to enjoy some old fashioned comfort food!

Here is the recipe in case you would like to try it.( click on to enlarge)

The flowers on the table are a pansy geranium and' freckles'


you can see where it got the name 'freckles'

I hope you enjoy a little comfort food today!

Take care,

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Comfort Food
Comfort Food
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