Spring Garden Tour

Hello everyone,

Today is a lovely spring day here with the promise of more sunny warm days for our Victoria Day weekend. We are having such a dry spring here on the Island which is unusual for us. The dust is flying behind the farm tractors as they work the land so I am thankful for the rain we had yesterday.

Today,I am taking you on a little tour of the areas of the garden that have filled in with spring color.

This enclosed garden is named Martha's Garden after the lady statue that my husband called Martha. There is a mirror behind Martha which reflects the garden but the photographer also if not careful to go to the side a little!

The virginia creeper on the back wall has not leafed out yet but soon it will pretty much cover the wall around the mirror.

The climbing hydrangea is finally taking off but I don't see any buds on it yet. They are slow to flower but beautiful when they do. The one on the arbor at the front of our garden will be covered this year.

Along the driveway,I planted yellow and orange tulips for a change but when they are gone for the season the perennials fill in with the purples,mauves,pinks etc. that the rest of the garden has in summer.

This is our hillside garden that we made about ten years ago. That fall there was a big sale on daffodils so I planted hundreds and they have multiplied to the point where we have dug out many large clumps and transplanted them around the garden-even when they were ready to flower with no ill effects.

These old stone steps came from the basement foundation of our daughter's home.

The forget me nots are blooming in with the tulips and daffodils. Some of you may remember that we pulled out several big wheelbarrow loads last summer but we knew there would be lots of seedlings left to bloom for this year.

Well,that is my garden tour for today but soon there will be lots more to share as the lilacs and peonies etc. start to bloom. Did I mention we have over one hundred peonies scattered throughout the garden and over forty lilacs? I am so looking forward to their beauty and fragrance but at the same time I don't want to rush the season-life is short!

I am joining in with Cindy at Show and Tell Friday again at My Romantic Home where there is always lots to see.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend


Thank you for visiting me.

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Spring Garden Tour
Spring Garden Tour
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