Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Hello everyone,

I decided to clean out our little garden cottage today as it was too windy in the garden. So after giving it a good cleaning and washing the linens and drying them on the line- the bed looked pretty inviting so I thought you might like a Mother's Day breakfast in bed. You can spend the night can't you?

This little garden cottage is decorated with yard sale or thrift finds and each summer I enjoy setting it up and changing a few things to keep it interesting.

I hope you enjoy a light breakfast-I did have a few delicious muffins my daughter gave me but sadly I got hungry and ate them ! Not a very good hostess am I!

Do you take lemon with your tea-it is good for you!

Love white linens,don't you?

After your breakfast you can linger in bed for awhile and read-so cosy!

Antique lace insert coverlet on the bed with a lacy bedskirt under it.

Are you getting tired yet?

I will tiptoe out and leave you to relax with your breakfast in bed-enjoy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Our family is all having dinner at my daughter's home where her little one is having a fifth birthday party as well as our Mother's Day celebration.

Happy Mother's Day!

Take care,


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Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed
Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed
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