My First Win!

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share some photos of the very first giveaway that I have ever won! A few weeks ago Stacey at her lovely blog the VG Huis (a fellow Canadian blogger ) had a giveaway for these lovely glasses from CSN and I was so excited to win them.

Last evening when I came home they were sitting on my doorstep waiting for me.

So, today I have put them to good use.

Would you like some limeade?

They are so pretty-don't you think?

The lily of the valley is perfuming the house with it's sweet fragrance.

And my other excitement for the week was the arrival of the magazine Country and Country that did a feature of our garden-I know I already bragged but it was so nice to see it in print.

I took it in to show my Mom and she was as pleased as I was!

There can you see my name as the photographer? hehe

I picked some pretty tulips from the garden for a bouquet. Oh! and can you see the lilacs-they are almost blooming.

Of course,I made some collages for you. Thank you, Stacey at The VG Huis for this lovely giveaway-I am so happy I won these beautiful Perigord goblets from CSN.

I am also joining in with Cindy again at MY Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday. Thank you Cindy for hosting.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thank you for visiting me,

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My First Win!
My First Win!
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