Peony Time in our Garden

                                                               Hello everyone,
         It is peony time in our garden so I thought I would quickly share some of photos of them with you.The two peonies on either side of the arbor are from my Dad's garden and he got them from his parents garden.I have had them for many years and have divided them several times over the years and moved them around the garden. I have 3 different varieties from my Dad so of course they are special to me.

         We have over 100 peonies and many different varieties so unfortunately I have forgotten the names of some of them.

Some beautiful bouquets of our peonies.

                                    Bowl of Beauty is the front peony and it is a beauty!

Now, I better stop admiring the peonies and get ready for our garden tour this afternoon-it looks like it might be a wet one though so umbrellas will be the order of the day.

                 Hope you  have a good day!

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Peony Time in our Garden
Peony Time in our Garden
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