Blue & White Toile & Transferware

I was looking through my files today trying to
clean things up a bit as I have way too many
photos saved.
However, I found these photos that I
took awhile ago for my
Afternoon Tea book and
didn't use so I thought
you might enjoy seeing them.

                                                                     As many of you know, I am a bit
                                                                    of a dishaholic.
                                                                  I love transferware in all colors.

                                                             I collect it mainly at thrift shops or yard sales.

                                                                   However, a few pieces were new
                                                                   like the ones above.
                                                                      Toile is another favorite of mine ~
                                                                      whether it is fabric or wallpaper.

                                                                        Antique sugar bowl.
                                                             Well, that is a few of my blue and white
                                                                        transferware and toile. Someday, I will
                                                                        show off some of my other collections.

                                                                                              Thank you for visiting,

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Blue & White Toile & Transferware
Blue  & White Toile & Transferware
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