Cozy Autumn

                                                  I hope your week is going well. I am enjoying
                                                  our beautiful autumn here.
                                                I know I shared this beautiful autumn arrangement
                                               from my friend Snow before but it had a little
                                               makeover with some new dahlia's from our garden.

                                                               I love the autumn light in our library.

                                                               Library window ~ south facing.
                                                              The old chair is next on the list
                                                              for a makeover.

                                  There is something special about the coziness of autumn
                                            don't you think?

                                           As an added bonus today if you would like a chance to win
                                           a copy of my Country Christmas magazine you can
                                           visit my friend Snow at Parasaska's Place and
                                           enter her giveaway. It can be shipped anywhere in the world!
                                           There are also other wonderful gifts in her giveaway....
                                           please check it out HERE and say hello.

                                             You can click on the photo on my right sidebar to preview it if
                                             you like. Just think before we know it ,it will be

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Cozy Autumn
Cozy Autumn
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