Frosty Autumn Light & Tea

It was such a beautiful autumn day here today but
overnight we did have a touch of frost.
So it was the perfect morning to get out
early with my camera.

                                                  These shots were all taken close to our home.

                                                Beautiful horses in the misty light of autumn.
                                                          A nearby barn.
                                                       After an early morning outing it is
                                                       nice to come in for a cup of tea.
                                                        The roses are from our garden
                                                       and I am using my mason ~ Vista
                                                       transferware tea cups today.
                                                  This sweet little teapot was a lovely gift.

                                         The beautiful quilted table runner was also a lovely gift....
                                          always admired by my Japanese visitors!
                                     Thank you for your visit and I hope you
                                               enjoy a lovely Autumn weekend!

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Frosty Autumn Light & Tea
Frosty Autumn Light & Tea
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