Welcome October!

                                                                  Welcome October!

                                        It was a beautiful day here again today ~ warm enough to
                                        enjoy some hot apple cider outdoors in a comfy chair.
                                       This folding chair came from the 70 mile yardsale a couple of
                                       weeks ago.

                                                           Love the windmill birdhouse.

                                                          Enjoy a cup of tea or cider.

                                   Hope you are enjoying autumn wherever you are!

                                 For those of you on the Island  there is a new play called Fading Away
                                at the Carrefour School Theater that I think will be well worth seeing
                                Friday Oct. 3. Barbara Rhodenhizer has the lead role and she is a very talented
                                actress. Some of my friends and I are going and I am looking forward to it.

                                Yesterday, I bought some new treasures at a yard sale that I will share later.
                                There are still some unique items left though for a sale on Saturday at
                                179 St, Peter's Road if you would like to check it out. Mr. Watt's is an
                                avid collector and I loved picking through it all and finding some unique
                                props for my photo shoots etc.

                                               Tomorrow is promising to be another beautiful autumn day and
                                                I plan to get out an enjoy it....hope you do too!

                                                         Thank you for visiting,
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Welcome October!
Welcome October!
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