A Charleston Wedding

                On a recent trip to Charleston we
                  went to  Magnolia Garden Plantation
                a couple of times ~ it is so beautiful
in spring time.
                 The first day we went was a Saturday
            and they were busy setting up for a

  I enjoyed watching the progress and was
charmed by all the beautiful details.

    I will let you wonder on your own.

Beautiful bouquet in silver vase.

Oh! so pretty.

   Lots of beautiful flowers.

Love this silver teapot used as a vase
for this lovely little bouquet.

Notice at the top of the photo that
they even strung lights for this
evening wedding.It must have been
so romantic........too bad I wasn't
on the guest list!

                                       I could have enjoyed sitting here just taking
it all in.

   Such a pretty cake too!

   Care to linger on the porch?

                                    This peacock was checking it all out too!

More bouquets.

                                           The path is strewn with white rose
                                                      petals and lit with lanterns.

                                                     It was so beautiful it almost made me want to
                                                    get married again.......but don't worry Andrew I
                                                    would still pick you!

                                                    I am joining Between Naps on the Porch
                                                    for Tablescape Thursday.

                                                                        Have a beautiful day!

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A Charleston Wedding
A Charleston Wedding
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