Magnolia Plantation & Gardens


                                                When we went to Charleston a few weeks ago we went
                                                      to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens a couple of times. It is  
                                       a beautiful place to visit and we thoroughly enjoyed
                                  walking the trails bordered by camellias,azaleas,
                                    magnolias,redbuds rhodos etc . We enjoyed all the
               different birds and wildlife as well. 

                                 This was also the site of the wedding that I shared

                                                    We went early in the morning the
                                                    second time we were there and the
                                                    weather was lovely for taking pics.
                                                       Love the different bridges that are reflected
                                                       in the water.
                                                            There are also lots of beautiful statues.
                                                    The azaleas were blooming but not
                                                    quite at their peak yet.

                                                           Love the trees dripping with moss.

                                                                  The prayer garden
                                                            The camellias were still in bloom.

                                                                  So beautiful!

                                                                       These beautiful peacocks wandered
                                                                       freely around the gardens.

                                                          Azalea lined pathways

                                  If you are in the Charleston area I highly
                                            recommend a visit to this beautiful
                                            plantation especially in spring time.

                                           I hope you enjoyed my little tour around
                                           Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

                                                 Have a wonderful day!

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Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
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