SpringTtime in Charleston

                                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                We arrived back home on the Island last
                                               night after a two week vacation in the south.

                                              So, our first and last stop on the trip was the
                                              beautiful Charleston. I think historic Charleston
                                              would be hard to beat in spring time which is the only time
                                              we have ever seen it.
                                              So don your comfortable shoes and lets take a walk and
                                              enjoy the sights and sounds as we go!

There are so many beautiful homes in Charleston.

                                           After the longest winter here ever, you know how
                                          much I enjoyed seeing beautiful,gardens and Charleston
                                          is definitely a city of gardens everywhere you look. It
                                           is a leisurely stroll today as we don't want to miss a thing!
                              Love seeing window boxes full of blooms.

                   So many different shades of green and
  a pretty house peeking out.

                                                                 Side gardens blooming everywhere.
                                                                        Looking through the garden gate.
   Streets full of pristine homes.

                                                         Which porch do we want to sit on.

   Such beautiful colors.

                             Love that shops also have pots and window 
boxes full of color.

Southern porches

                                                            A park in Charleston

                                             Trees dripping with spanish moss are

     Beautiful old churches and graveyards.

                                                Well, I hope I didn't tire you out
                                                          but there is just so much to love
                                                         about Charleston......don't you agree?

                                                         Thank you for visiting.

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SpringTtime in Charleston
SpringTtime in Charleston
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