Are you Craving Color?

Happy Mosaic Monday! Soon it will be the time of year that I start to crave color and I will enjoy looking through my garden photos to dream of the weeks(months) ahead.

So I made some mosaics to share with you.

Looking out my window now ,it is amazing to think of the changes that take place in a matter of weeks once winter is over.

However,for now I am content to enjoy the white sparkling snow and the beautiful sunshine we are having today but soon I will be longing for all these colorful blooms of the spring and summer garden to return- what about you?

Today I am once again joining in on Mosaic Monday at Little Red House where there are lots of beautiful mosaics to see.

Enjoy your day!

Please, remember those in Haiti and here in Canada the government will match your donation dollar for dollar.
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Are you Craving Color?
Are you Craving Color?
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