Lately I have been doing some organizing around the house. So one of my projects was cleaning out this cupboard in my kitchen that holds a lot of my tea cups.

This is the cupboard with the doors closed. The cupboard came from Coulson's antiques in Summerside and I painted it a creamy white.

This little teacup is hand painted and so dainty. I found the cup at a yardsale but there was no saucer so I found a co ordinating saucer at a thrift shop later.

Almost all of my cups and saucers were either a gift or thrifted.

So after arranging them all neatly-I remembered that many of you over the past year have asked where I keep all my china so here is one little nook for them.

Now ,some of you might be wondering why I would need or want so many teacups( and maybe I should confess that I do have others) but I do have garden tours in the summer where we serve tea and we have a few bookings for 40 people at a time already-so who knows when it might be two bus loads at a time! I have to be prepared( he!he!) or maybe I did deserve that dishaholic award I got last year from a fellow dish lover!

Last year many of our tours cancelled because of the H1 N1 flu so I am happy that we have some tours starting to book already for this summer. Many of our home and garden visitors are from Japan and we enjoy sharing it with them.

So pick out your favorite teacup and sit down while I get the teapot for us. Oh! and someday,I must show you my collection of teapots. I hope you didn't just groan!

Thank you for visiting me,

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