Mosaic Monday

I hope you had a good weekend. We enjoyed a quiet weekend as we had some stormy weather-rain and high winds and then snow and high winds. We lost power for a couple of hours last night. It was snug and cozy with the candles glowing and the fireplace going.

Now, I am joining Mary again at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. The mosaic's above were taken a couple of weeks ago in our garden. We don't have as much snow now after a week or so of milder weather.

another black and white mosaic-of a few ornaments around the house.

I took a few shots of this Father Christmas before packing him away for another year. I took down most of the Christmas decorations but left the mantels for awhile yet.

Well ,that's it for me but there are lots of pretty mosaics to see at Mary's Little Red House.

I was so happy to find out that Cindy at My Romantic Home was the winner of the Bed Bath and Beyond give card from my interview on the Houzz. Congratulations Cindy and thank you Adi at the Houzz. I would also like to thank all of you who left such kind comments on the interview at Houzz.


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Mosaic Monday
Mosaic Monday
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