Seasons in Time

Today, I am cheating a little and sharing some mosaics that I had made earlier in the year and some I even showed before. But I am hoping you will enjoy seeing the seasons in time here on Prince Edward Island. I took these pictures last winter-we had a colder winter with more storms last year then this year unless the best is yet to come Ha!Ha!

Oh! Spring- too early for me to be thinking of it yet but I sure do look forward to the return of the garden!

It is so beautiful to watch the sun set on one of the many beautiful beaches here on the Island.I can almost feel the warm gentle breezes and the sound of the seagulls as the sun goes down-can't you?

In summer I enjoy being at home in our own garden much of the time but of course I enjoy an afternoon at the beach too.

I hope you are not tired of my seaside shots because you don't have to go far in any direction to see the beautiful ocean here on our small island.

Fall is also a beautiful time to explore around the Island.

Am I starting to sound like a tourist advertisement?

And here we are back to winter-it doesn't take long for a year to go by does it? So we better make each day count for something good!

Well , it's getting late so I am off for a soak in the tub with a good book before bed.



p.s. Before I go I want to tell you about the beautiful aprons for sale at Olivia and Me-you should go and check them out!

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Seasons in Time
Seasons in Time
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