My Indoor Garden

We are getting a little fresh white snow this afternoon so it is lovely to have some cheery blooms to warm a gardeners heart. The above photo is the last of my bouquet of roses from last week-I sure did enjoy those!

This week at Walmart they had some pretty Gerber Daisy's for $2.99

Gerber Daisy's bloom for a long time and in summer can go in window boxes or planters.

These large Kalcochims were only $2.29 becauce they had some Christmas decorations in them-can't go wrong on these easy care plants.

I winter my geraniums over in the basement so I am slowly taking some up for my indoor garden

There was a blow out sale at Vesey's this fall and all their bags of bulbs and perennials were $2. even the amaryllis were $2. so I picked up a few.

African Violet with the Gerber Daisy

another amaryllis

The Vanco tulips grown locally are available in the grocery stores now making me happy. This week they are on sale for $5. for a bunch of ten- sweet deal!

My son gave me a new orchid- it is so pretty and very easy to care for.

This plant stand was a gift from a couple of my daughters a couple of years ago. I love it and it holds a number of plants. The baywindow gets the morning sun.

A couple of fun collages so easy to do with Picasa 3

What about you - do you have a little indoor garden too?

Enjoy the rest of your week end.

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My Indoor Garden
My Indoor Garden
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