In and Around the Picket Fence

                                                                 Hello everyone,
        I hope your week is going well. It is a busy one here as we are getting ready for the Downton Abbey              Tea here on Saturday but I thought you might like to have a little peek at the garden.
          I took these shots this morning and they are all in or around the picket fence area coming up to the                  door of our home. Our barn is in the background.
                                                   We have many different varieties of phlox blooming now.
                                            Also,lots of daylillies in many different sizes and shapes.
                                               On the outside looking in both here and below.

  Here we are leaving the picket fence garden  and heading toward the hillside garden and the south beds.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek around the picket fence-sometime soon I will show you the rest of the garden but for now I better get out there and do some deadheading and tidying up.
Tomorrow morning my daughter is coming to help with some baking and I have spent a few hours already getting some baking for the tea into the freezer -hoping for a perfect day!

Thank you for visiting,
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In and Around the Picket Fence
In and Around the Picket Fence
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