Summer Time Mosaics

                                                                 Hello everyone,
                I hope you had a lovely weekend. We are having lots of hot sunny summer days here on the Island-perfect beach weather and lovely warm nights for sleeping in our little 'boathouse' (above)!

                                                   I had a fun day at the beach with Noah and Lila.
                                         More lounging around the boathouse.
                                                       Beauty in the garden

                                                             Our garden roses
                                                            soft and serene
                                             Touches of aqua
              I am joining The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday today.

                        It is going to be 30 C today so I am off to the beach again to enjoy the cooler ocean                               breezes.
                         On a different note ~  I have been asked by my friend Linda from Newfoundland to                                share this link and info with you. Linda is a cancer survivor and has started the very successful Pink Days campaign which is growing bigger every year.Congratulations,Linda on a job well done!!!

                                                                                      TURN THE WHEELS ON JIM LANDRY'S BICYCLE PINK WITH DONATIONS FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH! Jim is Executive Director of Landscape NB.  OnJuly 18-19, Jim will bicycle across Prince Edward Island, bringing Pink Days In Bloom, a gardening FUNdRaiser in support of CBCF-Atlantic Region held primarily at garden centres, across the verdant "Island of Anne," raising awareness and monies for leading-edge breast cancer research, programs and equipment here at home in the Atlantic Provinces. Jim's hope is to raise "the equivalent of 25,000 Mexican Pesos"($2,000)! Let's help Jim do it! Let's turn those tires on Jim's bicycle pink with donations!
                            Thank you for your visit and enjoy your day!

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Summer Time Mosaics
Summer Time Mosaics
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