Cupboard Makeover

Hello everyone,

Today I an joining Cindy again for show and tell Friday so I am sharing a cupboard for my linens that got a bit of a makeover.

The cupboard was given to me and it was painted gold with four doors on it. I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. I gave the cupboard a couple of coats of creamy white paint and my husband made the doors for me. As you can see they have chicken wire on them so you can see my quilts inside.

We still have to put knobs on the doors.

It sat on the floor before but we put legs on it that are really fence post tops painted to match. I found the little scalloped edge trim at Micheal's and we put it around the bottom.

I love seeing the quilts stacked inside it.

Now, I will end with a pretty collage of flowers from our garden last summer.

If you haven't already been to Cindy's My Romantic Home go and enjoy visiting Show and Tell Friday.

Thank you for visiting me and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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Cupboard Makeover
Cupboard Makeover
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