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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We are enjoying lots of sunshine here lately and this week is looking good as well. Today, I am sharing some photos of our bedroom as I am making a few little changes in there as well. Last spring we changed the wallpaper and although I love the wallpaper I have been finding it hard to find fabric to co-ordinate with it.

However, as luck would have it when I was housecleaning I found some 'Toile' fabric that had faded from it's sunny spot on the veranda from red and cream to a rusty color with cream. So,out came my sewing machine and I made some pillow shams and the rest is a tablecloth on the round table. It helps to tie in the bed and the wallpaper.

These pretty tulips matched nicely as well.

It was so sunny this morning I left the door open to the veranda for awhile to enjoy the fresh air.

The bedspread, I also found at a second hand shop and it is a creamy color but I am thinking of tea dying it in 'camomile' tea to give it a little more of a golden color. The small pillow I made from an old dress from a thrift shop as well.

This picture I found in an Antique mall in Maine a couple of years ago.

The Tea set is a pretty good match too!

Slowly it is starting to come together, which is a good thing, because I was beginning to think I was going to have to admit I had made a mistake and rip off the wallpaper, when my husband wasn't home!

Good thing, as it is almost garden season!!!

Today I am joining in with Cielo, on Show Off Your Cottage Monday, and sweet Cielo did a feature of some new pics of our little sun room just off our bedroom. Thank you so much Cielo! There are also many other participants to check out there at The House in the Roses too .

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Golden Light
Golden Light
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